President Ersin Tatar attends 6th Global Healthcare Travel Forum and Conference hosted by TRNC

“With the investments made the potentiality of health tourism has increased"


President Ersin Tatar has participated in the opening of the 6th Global Healthcare Travel Forum and Conference that is being held in the TRNC from April 18 to 20.
More than 50 countries are being represented at the event that has been organised by the Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC) under the title “Healthcare for All Today and Tomorrow”.  It includes discussions on contributing to the advancement of international health tourism policies, advocating responsible health tourism, and promoting health tourism as a driving force for economic growth.
Addressing the forum at the opening ceremony on Thursday, President Tatar welcomed the representatives of more than 50 countries to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and said he is “happy to be in attendance of this very important international organisation that aims to further global cooperation in the health field”.
Stating that health tourism is on the rise in the world, President Tatar said that “investments in health infrastructure” and “healthcare that also provides accommodation for patients is continuing in the TRNC, which is blessed with the moderate Mediterranean climate”.
Pointing out that there have been “investments in health tourism as well as hospitals and hotels” in the country, President Tatar pointed out that “patients who want to receive medical treatment can also benefit from tourism opportunities in the TRNC”.
Stating that “new hospitals have been built in the country which offer the best services” with “numerous important investments in healthcare”, President Tatar said that as well as the doctors based in TRNC, doctors in Türkiye are also active in the field of health.
President Tatar stated that a new generation of Turkish Cypriots in the UK and other European countries are “today choosing to continue their careers in the TRNC following investments in our country including in the healthcare sector”.
President Tatar stated that health tourism has developed significantly as “young people who studied abroad have returned back to the TRNC and are taking up profession in the health sector”.
President Tatar also touched upon the inhumane isolation and restrictions on the Turkish Cypriot People, saying: “Despite the political obstacles, we are providing healthcare services to the world”.
“There are conflicts all over the world,” President Tatar added. “For brotherhood and humanity, wars and conflicts must come to an end. Humanity is one big family, and we face global challenges together, particularly in the health field.  We must therefore first give messages of peace to the world by emphasising the importance of cooperation of all nations and Peoples, especially in the field of health.”
President Tatar congratulated the GHTC President, Dr. Ahmet Savaşan, for ensuring that the 6th Global Healthcare Travel Forum and Conference is being held in TRNC, and thanked the organisers of the organisation and the participants of the conference.